Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've always had a hard time drawing. Stick figures and odd shapes were the best I could produce. I'd resort to the odd sketch and writing describing what's going on in the stuff on the page. It wasn't soon that I turned to photography. Architecture was my first subject when I started taking pictures now I'm learning how to take photos of people and I absolutely love it. It's something you can't put into words or explain.

Ultimately photography is both time travel and a time capsule. You get to view loved ones who have passed and see places and things that have changed over time or look exactly the same. Photography is important to understanding what people think and feel and gives them the opportunity to create and express in real time.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photography as Expression

I've always had a hard time drawing. Stick figures and odd shapes were the best I could produce. I'd resort to the odd sketch and writing describing what's going on in the stuff on the page. It wasn't soon that I turned to photography. Architecture was my first subject when I started taking pictures now I'm learning how to take photos of people and I absolutely love it. It's something you can't put into words or explain.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Untitled Fiction

I awoke gasping and coughing the dust out of my lungs, the pain still sharp and my head feeling several sizes too big. The floor was wet and uneven under my back and I can feel the wind howling through the broken window. Not knowing where I was it was important to get my bearings. I found a knife, lighter, coins, and compass in my pockets. First things first, take a look outside.

The wind was howling and the snow kicked up on the ground, bare trees and no signs of life. It looked like Los Angeles but the weather conditions did not make any sense. People going about their business but they did not seem happy about it. People in Los Angeles usually show some signs of happiness but these Angelinos had taken the mood of the climate, cold and distant. The sun was out but it only offered a crude way to distinguish night and day. Mountains of bodies being piled near Broadway and 3rd street by trucks that have spray painted on their sides "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD", needless to say this wasn't your daddy's Los Angeles. Large trucks moving, cars speeding along, people moving too and fro, billboards and helicopters fill the sky. A booming voice coming from a loud speaker that said "Good afternoon citizens! It is now 4:00pm on today June 19th 2047. Don't forget to keep warm and alert. Due to good behavior today's curfew has been extended to 10:30, reward yourself with a recreational activity!"

Walking through Biddy Mason plaza I realized that I was already dressed for the weather in several layers and my feet were surprisingly warm given the current conditions, attached to my wrist was a watch of sorts that gave me the current temperature and map of where I was. Not realizing the cold feeling on my chest was a revolver banging against my chest I froze in fear not fully understanding the reason I had this pistol in my grip. Scared I ran into the corner and went deeper into my belongings. Finally my ID card. Here lies all the answers! Blood type, address, occupation, voter registration date, political party affiliation, race, gender, eyes, hair, economic class, and most importantly my name. Everything I would need to piece together who I am and what the hell was going on. Here's where the journey begins.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Planetary for iPad

From Drop Box

Planetary for iPad is a unique take on the music player and certainly provides the user with significant eye candy in the process.

When launching the app the user is given a dial with letters to select artists in from their local music library, the middle of the dial has what can best described as a galaxy.

When selecting a letter the app zooms into a constellation with artists as stars, when selecting an artist the app zooms into a star, when selecting an album the app zooms into a planet and finally the song is a moon orbiting the planet and star. Truly an elegant way of showcasing your music library! Fun to play around with and certainly worth downloading while the developer is still giving it away for free.

Thanks for reading.

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"What Happened to the American Poet?"

What happened to the American Poet?

What happened to the American that expressed himself and spoke the collective unconscious of the nation and challenged the status quo?

What happen to the American that loved language enough to speak it from the mountain tops and from dimly lit cafes?

What happened to the American that was eloquent and courages?

What happened to the American that was in the likes of Ginsberg, Thomas, Kerouac, and Ferlinghetti?

What happened to the American that read books to expand one's mind?

What happened to the American who's soul craved prose and iambic-pentameter?

What happened to the American that had more than a three word vocabulary?

What happened America?

What happened?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thoughts on JFK

In my opinion JFK is one of those mythical American figures that I never witnessed. He was killed back in 1963 when he was fatally and tragically shot in the head while in Texas. Regardless of politics the assassination of an American president is rare and tragic. Tragic also because of his age, he was only 46 years old. We, historians and history in general, were deprived of seeing and witnessing an elderly JFK and seeing what kind of career and philanthropy he would have done in the process. Imagine an elderly JFK present at some of the presidential balls of the 1980s and being greeted by President Bush and then President Obama. Dancing with First Lady Nancy Reagan and being teased by Ronald's signature charm.

Something worth noting and worth imagining. Jackie wouldn't have had blood on her gown and maybe just maybe Bobby would be alive too.

I dream of an America where our presidents aren't assassinated in office and they are allowed to live full and complete lives. I'm not writing this as a conservative or a liberal, I'm writing this as a historian of the new frontier.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Android/iOS Post

I'm a Mac, but I'm also an Android fanboy.

I own an iPad and my MacBook but my main device I use more than anything else is my Nexus S running Android 2.3. However I remember the first time I saw the keynote that introduced the iPhone though like it was yesterday and was infatuated the first time I saw the device, Steve Jobs and company invented a masterpiece. However when they stated that the iPhone was only going to be available on AT&T and would cost a whopping $500 bucks I had no choice but to pass and stick with my t-mobile dash running the dreadfully windows mobile 6.0. It was not until a few years later that I would get my hands on my first REAL smartphone, the my touch 3G, it shipped with Android 1.5 and when I charged it and got it going I got the update to 1.6. I thought it was awesome, to this day it is still my favorite phone that I've owned. Expandable micro sd slot and amazing battery life and flash enabled browser was more than what I needed. But I would be lying if I said I didn't want an iPhone. The iPhone was still the most sought after phone on the market but Android was making inroads on apple's success. Google made an operating system for mobile that can be put on several devices and was available on most carries in America and around the world.

This year, 2011, I purchased and iPad. My first iOS device and I immediately understood what the hype was about. The operating system and ecosystem of applications made it all come other so nicely. This post actually is being written on Blogsy a phenomenal blogging app that makes writing breeze. Before that though in December 2010 I bought the Nexus S that had the best version of Android to date for phones. I was beginning to see the perks of both platforms and found myself in a situation. I love Android and iOS too!

This leads to some issues though with a person like myself to acquire either a google tablet or and iPhone and will discuss that now. My main gripe is with both Android 3.0 and the process in which one buys a google tablet. All of the google tablets are most costly than an iPad and requires an two year contract for use. There are no cheap wifi only google tablets that come close to the $499 price tag that the iPad enters in. I for one will not enter a two year contract for a tablet device simply for data, if they offered the Xoom or the LG device at a $499 or even at $550 I would buy one. However those devices come in at over $600 for a device that isn't locked down. Which is why I bought an iPad as well. The iPad is perhaps that most affordable mobile device on their inventory and it is also a device I use on a daily basis for email and entertainment. If Google can attract developers to write apps for the screen real-estate they should have a great device or devices at it's disposal. However they are again hindered by the diversity of the devices which damages the apps available. My main concern is Netflix. Both the iPhone and iPad have Netflix while Netflix isn't available on any google device.

This is a serious problem and until google figures this out I will be using my iPad and might get an iPhone due to the quality of applications.

Thanks for reading. Take care and be safe. :-)